Latest Research: Braarudosphaera sp

Discoaster inclusions within Dinoflagellate

by O. Varol

Posted on 2014-12-30 12:47:12

The sample was prepared for Palynological study using acid method.  Photo was taken by late Dr Phil Seymour.

Similar photos were already published by Bursa [1970]. Dinoflagellates secreting discoasters and other calcareous inclusion were assigned to family Dinoastermonadaceae by Bursa, 1965 [emend. Bursa, 1970].

Bursa, A. 1965: Discoasteromonas calciferus n.sp. an arctic relict secreting Discoaster Tan Sin Hok 1927. Grana Palynol., 6:147-165, Uppsala

Bursa, A. 1970: Morphogenesis and taxonomy of fossil and contemporary Dinophyta secreting Discoasters. In Farinacci, A. (Ed.), Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. Planktonic Microfossils Roma: Rome (Ed. Tecnosci.), 1:129-143.

Reticulofenestra gelida / haqii group
Sphenolithus dissimilis Bukry & Percival, 1971