Latest Research: Braarudosphaera sp

Offshore Services

  • biostratigraphic monitoring in order to constrain stratigraphical risk whilst drilling

  • assistance in the placement of casing points during the drilling of high pressure, high temperature wells.
  • biosteering of horizontally drilled production wells.

(Note: Varol Research provides all equipment necessary for offshore analysis; no hazardous chemicals are used; all necessary offshore safety certificates are held in addition to full third party public liability insurance)

Onshore Services

  • semi and fully quantitative, high resolution, nannofossil biostratigraphy at regional, prospect and reservoir scale.
  • interpretation and integration of nannofossil results with other major geological data sets.
  • design and co-ordination of integrated biostratigraphical studies (these studies will be carried out by Varol Research and its biostratigraphical associates).
  • development of taxonomic databases.
  • quality control and interpretation of calcareous nannofossil results.
  • assistance in the establishment of nannofossil laboratories and the training of technicians.
  • integration of biostratigraphical datasets into a sequence stratigraphic framework.
  • training courses in the analysis and interpretation of calcareous nannofossils for specialists (beginner / advanced level) and non specialists.