Latest Research: Braarudosphaera sp
  • Assipetra terebrodentarius : Assipetra terebrodentarius[Campanian variation], Loxolith with a massive distal process

  • Fasciculithus cf mitreus : Fasciculithus cf mitreus from Late Paleocene sediments of Eastern GOM

  • Coccolithus pelagicus : Coccolithus pelagicus with or without central mesh

  • Discoaster spp. : Discoaster inclusion within the dinoflagellate [Photo by late Dr P. Seymour]

  • Reticulofenestra sp. : Forms with central mesh, central plug and open central area in same coccosphere.

  • Sphenolithus sp. : From Middle Eocene sediments of Cuba

  • Braarudosphaera bigelowii : Symbiotic living of Braarudosphaera bigelowii and Acinodidemnum lineola in the middle-early Albian sediments of the Eastern GoM...

  • Nannoconus sp. : Incomplete coccosphere of Nannoconus, from early Campanian sediments of Arabian Peninsula

  • Bonetia acuta : Isolated ray of didemnid ascidian spicule Bonetia acuta


Varol Research LLC is the name of the trading company under which Osman Varol offers his services as a independent biostratigraphic consultant specialising in the analysis and interpretation of calcareous nannofossils.


O. Varol PhD and his research associates concentrate their efforts on various aspect of nannopalaeontology including taxonomy, biostratigraphy, palaeogeography and palaeoecology. These research interests either directly or indirectly lead to the improvement and further development of nannofossils as a biostratigraphic tool in the oil industry.


O. Varol PhD devised global and local zonation schemes throughout the stratigraphic column [Jurassic- Recent]. Published zonation schemes include Neogene for South East Asia [1983], Palaeocene [1989] and Paleogene [1998] for the North Sea Area and the Palaeocene for the worldwide use [1989].